Brian C. Seitz

Biologist ~ Runner ~ Photographer

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My Research

As a Ph.D. student in the lab of Dr. Linda Huang at UMass Boston, I study the coordination of meiotic cytokinetic events. Meiosis is a specialized cell division in which a single cell with two copies of its genetic material divides into four daughter cells, each containing a single copy. This same process takes place in organisms as distinct as yeast and humans, and is the process by which sexually reproducing animals produce sperm and eggs. When yeast complete the meiotic divisions, they package the genetic material into spores, which requires growing a new membrane around the developing spore, which is known as the prospore membrane. At the completion of meiosis, the cell must coordinate the closure of these new membranes, as well as disassembling the spindle- a microtubule structure used to physically separate the chromosomes. My research focuses on the cell signaling that regulates and coordinates these processes, to better understand how they occur across species.


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Previous Research:

As a Dartmouth undergraduate, I got involved in research in the laboratory of Professor Sharon Bickel, studying the mechanism by which chromosomes segregate during meiosis. Specifically, I studied the role of cohesin- a highly conserved protein complex- in the segregation of achiasmate homologs. For more detailed information, check out the poster below.